Thursday, November 27, 2008

November Colorado Elk Hunt

I went to Meeker Colorado this year and hunted with my brother Charles and a friend of mine Jim Taylor and his son Jess.  We hunted in an area that I have been hunting in for the last 15 years.  It was a warm year so the Elk had not migrated into the area.  There were a few resident elk but we were not able to connect.  Jim had a shot at a bull but missed.  Again it was just nice being out and spending time with my brother.  As usual we ate real well.

October Colorado Elk Hunt

My next hunt was in Colorado up on Missionary Ridge.  I hunted with 2 friends of mine, Ray Brady and Mike VonKennal.  We hunted on horses for 2 days and did not see a thing, not even a track.  But the time spent on the mountain was great and we ate good.

October Utah Elk Hunt

I hunted this year with my nephew Jim at Scofield Lake.  There were 6 of us hunting.  The night before the hunt we had a nice dinner.  Opening morning I was able to sneak up on 2 big bulls that were fighting.  Each had about 10 cows.   After watching them for a few minutes they moved off and another big bull came in with 5 cows and a spike.  I had a spike tag, so when he came into a clearing I shot him.  I was on the side of a steep mountain so we had to drag him downhill about 2 miles.  Then the next day Jim's friend Robert shot a spike (above picture) that we had to drag downhill about a mile or more.  We all got a great workout on that hunt.